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Graduate Students

Alon Chapovetsky - 5th year
B.Sc. Chemistry 2013, minor in Art History, UC - Santa Barbara
Contact: chapov@gmail.com

Andrew J. Clough - 5th year
B.Sc. Chemistry 2011, University of Southern California
M.Sc. Chemistry 2013, California State University - Long Beach
Contact: ajclough@usc.edu

Courtney A. Downes - 5th year
B.A. Chemistry 2013, College of the Holy Cross
Contact: downesc@usc.edu

Damir A. Popov - 5th year
B.Sc. Chemistry 2013, Moscow State University
Contact: damirpop@usc.edu

Eric M. Johnson - 4th year
B.Sc. Chemistry 2014, University of Mary Washington
Contact: johnsoem@usc.edu

Ashley N. Hellman - 3rd year
B.A. Chemistry 2014, Austin College
Contact: hellmana@usc.edu

Nicholas Orchanian - 3rd year
B.Sc. Chemistry 2015, University of Southern California
Contact: orchania@usc.edu

Geovanni M. Rangel - 2nd year
B.Sc. Chemistry 2016, California State University San Bernardino
Contact: grangel@usc.edu

Keying Chen - 2nd year
B.Sc. Chemistry 2016, Xiamen University
Contact: keyingch@usc.edu

Jeremy Intrator - 1st year
B.Sc. Chemistry 2016, Binghamton University
Contact: intrator@usc.edu

Undergraduate Students

Jack A. Skrainka
B.Sc. Chemical Engineering 2019 (expected)
University of Southern California